City of Saskatoon Employee Family Assistance Program


The Employee & Family Assistance Program Board of Directors (the “Board”) is represented by Unions, Associations, Departments and Boards of the City of Saskatoon.  It has full authority and responsibility over the governance, operation and evaluation of The City of Saskatoon Employee & Family Assistance Program (the “Program”).





To enable support to City employees and their families to address personal issues that may be impacting work performance through proper governance and responsibility of the Program.





The Board of Directors is responsible to ensure the operation and evaluation of the Program continues to support the needs of the City’s employees and their families in the most cost-effective process.  The Board recognizes that treatment for mental health and behaviour issues, when referred to appropriate professionals, can foster an emotionally healthy work environment.



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Who is eligibile to use the program?

EFAP services are extended to all employees, and their immediate dependant family members after six months from date of hire, and to retired employees of the City of Saskatoon superannuation plan. 

How is the program funded?

The EFAP program is funded in three separate ways; administration, counselling and promotion.

Administration - Every year in April, the Coordinator and Treasurer submit an administrative budget to the City of Saskatoon Comptroller.

Counselling- Employee contributes $3.50 per paycheque, which is matched by the City of Saskatoon. Payment is collected and issued to the EFAP treasurer, by the payroll office. Funds are used only for the external agency fees and are reported separately on the financial report.

Promotion- The Coordinator annually bills the Unions and Associations for their promotional dues of  $1.50 per member, every May. These funds are used for promotion of the program and the operation of the Peer Advisor program.


What are the most common reasons people use the program?

 Relationship and emotional issues are the most common reason people enter counselling for. Other issues we provide assistance for are:

Eldercare issues, Career dissatisfaction, Gambling and or Addictions, Work related stress, Parenting, Grief, Mindfulness, Coaching, Sexuality, Resiliency, personal growth are just some of the many issues we can help with.

  Is the program confidential?

 Yes, this is the hallmark of the program. Visits to the counsellors are not identifiable to the Employer, Unions or the Board. Strict confidentiality is maintained by our counsellors. A recent program survey found:  Employees felt the program was completely confidential.

Will counselling help improve my relationships?

 In a recent survey employees reported their attitudes and relationships at work improved after counseling and reported they felt better after the first visit with a counsellor.

What is the hardest thing employees report about using the program?

The hardest thing about using the program is picking up your phone and making the call.

 What agencies at covered?

There are defined agencies that we contract with to provide the counseling. These agencies have applied for our contract, are prescreened and meet the stringent qualifications. In the province of Saskatchewan any person can call themselves a therapist and have no formal training or skill sets.

Can I book my counseling session online?

Several of our firms provide online services. Check out the Counseling Agency page for direct links to the agencies and the services they provide.


 Ever feel like your juggling too much? Call the EFAP for help.