City of Saskatoon Employee Family Assistance Program


The Employee & Family Assistance Program Board of Directors (the “Board”) is represented by Unions, Associations, Departments and Boards of the City of Saskatoon.  It has full authority and responsibility over the governance, operation and evaluation of The City of Saskatoon Employee & Family Assistance Program (the “Program”).





To enable support to City employees and their families to address personal issues that may be impacting work performance through proper governance and responsibility of the Program.





The Board of Directors is responsible to ensure the operation and evaluation of the Program continues to support the needs of the City’s employees and their families in the most cost-effective process.  The Board recognizes that treatment for mental health and behaviour issues, when referred to appropriate professionals, can foster an emotionally healthy work environment.



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EFAP Peer Advisors

So what is a Peer Advisor?

The primary referral contacts for employees in this program are trained EFAP Peer Advisors. The EFAP Peer Advisor role is educational. They provide information regarding all aspects of the program and are a resource and contact point for program inquires. They do not diagnose the nature of personal problems or provide any type of counselling. Their presence in the workplace provides increased opportunity for employees to more readily obtain program information.

Peer Advisors are employees who have:

    Volunteered for the position

    Have been endorsed by their respected group.

    Have been endorsed by the Board of Directors.

    Trained for the role.

    Have Leadership abilities.

    Are perceived positively by co-workers.

    Are knowledgeable of the work environment.

    Are conversant in all aspects of the EFAP.

It should be noted that Peer Advisors are not on the job counsellors or social workers. These individuals are not held to the standard of care of fully qualified professionals, but rather that of a reasonable trainee, peer counsellor or volunteer. However they are expected to be competent for their position and have greater skill than members of the public. They will also be expected to know their own limits and when it is appropriate to seek assistance from more qualified staff.

Fulfil the requirements for training.

Acquire and maintain a thorough knowledge of the policy statement, program responsibilities and procedures.

Utilize their special training and knowledge to assist in the organization.

Interpret policy and procedures to all levels of personnel in the organization.

Initiate actions to ensure that any individual in need of the program services will be encouraged to seek voluntary participation in the EFAP.

Maintain confidentiality.

Operate under the Peer Advisor code of conduct.

Peer Advisor Code of Conduct

     Peers are representatives of the program and promote its values.

     Peers are knowledgeable of the program services and available community resources.

     The role of the Peer is to listen, provide a supportive environment, and refer.

     All referrals should have follow up contact. P.A. should explain why there is a delay in making an appropriate referral.

     Peers do not counsel.

     Peer Advisors are responsible to recognize their limitations and to work within these limitations, referring elsewhere when needed.

     Consideration should be given to the employer and workplace when providing Peer Advisor duties.

     Peer Advisors should maintain the social and moral codes and expectations of the community they work in.

     Peer Advisors are aware of their obligations to safe guard their reputation and that of their colleagues.

     P. A. should avoid any behaviour, activities or associations, which may adversely impact their ability to be an ethical support of the EFAP.

     Peers should make a commitment to attend meetings.

     Peers are responsible to contribute to the development of their training sessions.

     Peer should post information they learnt from their training in their workplace. No personal or confidential information will be shared with the employer.

     Peers should take the responsibility to inform the Coordinator if they are unable to attend training or activities.

     Peers are responsible to obtain information from the training sessions they missed.

     Peers are encouraged to participate in all promotional activities. 

     Peers are open minded, non judgmental, caring, honest, sincere, accessible, and human.

     Peers are to maintain confidentiality and anonymity.


 Peer to Coworker

 Confidentiality of persons Identity, or the nature of their problem must stay intact unless there is a danger of harm to self or others. It is the law to report intention to harm of others. Let them know you have to report their comment.

     Personal boundaries are to be set by the Peer.

     Peers have the right to say no.

     Need to respect others.

 Peer to Group

     Sharing of information can be useful to the group for training purposes.

     Specify if the information can or cannot be shared with others.

     Share if reasonable, appropriate, to receive feedback, get help from others, for growth and development, or to support other Peers. Sharing is not to change the minds of others.

     When in doubt ask permission.

 Peers to Coordinator

     The Coordinator is a resource for the Peer Advisor.

    All information shared will remain confidential.

    The purpose of sharing information is to ensure appropriate and relevant delivery of services.

 Definition of Anonymity: Non-disclosure of identity.

 Definition of Confidentiality: Non-disclosure of information obtained.



Peer Advisors List- December 2022

Andrews-Kilpatrick,Brittney  Transportation

Arnault, Angela    Community Services

Brule, Dominic  Utilities & Services

Burlock, Dave    Transportation

Campbell, Deanna Transportation

Crawford, Dawn   Transportation

Derbawka, Megan    Utilities & Envior

Dobrowney, Susan     Utilities & Envior

Dulle, Cal    Transportation

Fick-Dryka, Jodi    Human Resources

Fraser, Sandra      Remai Modern gallery

Grebeniuk, Curtis Transporation

Hanson, Ken   Utilities  & Enviro

Harnestone, Amy    Police

Hobbs, Levina       Utilities & Enviro

Jones, Shantelle  Corporate FS

Kowalyk, Kelsey   Transporation

Krause, Judy  Parks

Lewis, Bill    Transportation

Lovegrove, Maureen  IS Police

MacNeil, Shelley  Community Services

Myers, Ryan    Transportation

Mills, Brenda    Transportation

Nguyen, Elisa    Community Services

O'Brien, Lori   Sask Tel Centre

Page, Jocelyne  Community services Parks

Panko-Schultz, Shelly  Community Services

Piche, Dawn      Fire

Pietrzyckazajac, Anna     Transportation

Pomdeli, Shannon  Corporate Finance

Pomeroy, Gale      Library

Rivard, Rachel   TCU Place

Saric, Gavrilo  Utilities & Enviro

Soderberg, Jacky   Corporate Finance

Sotnikow, Renae    Corporate Finance

Strate, Sharlene     Transporation

Wagner, Rhealene   Transportaion

Wintonyk-Pilot, Janaya Comunity service

Wurzer-Cey, Barbara   Library




























































































































































































































































Glenn Konkin

AF- V & E

JoAnn Baraniecki

AF ? Assessment and Taxation

Jackie Soderberg

AF ? Corporate Revenue

Audrey Van Dijk

AF ? Facilities and Fleet Management

Sharon Schaefer

AF ? Facilities and Fleet Management

Patricia Pollard

AF ? Facilities and Fleet Management

Dale Hrynuik

AF ? Facilities and Fleet Management

Maureen Lovegrove

AF- Office Buildings  

Jodi Fick-Dryka

CH ? Human Resources

Angela Arnault

CY- Building Standards 

Janaya Wintonyk-Pilot

CY ? Building Standards

Carrie Hutchison

CY- Community Development

Judy Krause

CY - Parks

Jocelyne Page

CY- Parks

Trevor Brownlee


Jim Brayshaw


Viki Cirkvencic


Brian Conway


Deb Davies


Duff Gray


Brent Lucyshyn


Michael Prychak


Nick Quigley


Anthony Tataryn


Trevor Warren


Elaine Collins


Cindy Delorme


Holly Pfeifer


Gale Pomeroy


Kim Boechler


Amy Layton


Deanna Campbell

TU ? Access Transit

Brenda Crowe

TU ? Access Transit

Megan Derbawka

TU- Saskatoon Light & Power

Tanner Peberdy

TU ?  Saskatoon Light & Power

Jon Sargent

TU ?  Saskatoon Light & Power

Renae Sotnikow

TU- Saskatoon Light & Power

Jesse Anderson

TU- Public Works

Wade Butler

TU- Public Works

Jackie Morley

TU ? Public Works 

April Nosper

TU ? Transit 

Susan Dobrowney

TU ? Saskatoon Water

Levina Hobbs

TU ? Saskatoon Water

Darren Kowaluk

TU ? Saskatoon Water

Eldon Wilkinson

TU ?  Saskatoon Wastewater

Orin Popoff

TU- Saskatoon Wastewater





















Peer Advisor Referral Form: PEER ADVISOR - Referal Forms.pdf