City of Saskatoon Employee Family Assistance Program


The Employee & Family Assistance Program Board of Directors (the “Board”) is represented by Unions, Associations, Departments and Boards of the City of Saskatoon.  It has full authority and responsibility over the governance, operation and evaluation of The City of Saskatoon Employee & Family Assistance Program (the “Program”).





To enable support to City employees and their families to address personal issues that may be impacting work performance through proper governance and responsibility of the Program.





The Board of Directors is responsible to ensure the operation and evaluation of the Program continues to support the needs of the City’s employees and their families in the most cost-effective process.  The Board recognizes that treatment for mental health and behaviour issues, when referred to appropriate professionals, can foster an emotionally healthy work environment.



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Tip Sheets (click on the subject to bring up the pdf of the tip sheet)

- Developing Resiliency

- 11 Cute Little Ways to Use a Kitchen Timer

- Spring Break Party! Keeping Safe & Sane

- Dealing with Angry and Difficult Customers



"Resilience - How inner strength can set you free from your past." by Boris Cyrulnik

Coaching for Resilience - Adrienne Green 

Man's search for meaning - Viktor Frankel

Cry Anger - Jack Birnbaum

"How to resolve conflicts- Turn conflict into cooperation" by Wendy Grant

The Myth of Happiness - Sonja Lyubomirsky

"Achieving the Mind Body Spirit Connection- A stress management workbook by Brian Seaward

"The Positive Attitude Development Workbook"  Assimilating, Accomidating, Acclimating to change by Lyle Wildes & Joe Kelly

"The Practical Like Skills Workbook" by Ester A. Leutenberg & John Liptak

"The Communication Skills Workbook - by Ester A. Leutenberg & John Liptak

"The Substance Abuse Recovery Workbook: -by Ester A. Leutenberg & John Liptak

"The Happiness project" by Gretchen Rubin

"Be Happy and release the power of happiness in you" By Robert Holden

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques for Weight loss" 

From Losers to winners - 

The Pet Loss Companion - Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio 

Living with Loss, One day at a time- Rachel Kodanaz

The Heaven Shop - Deboarh Ellis

Don't get mad get funny - a light hearted approach to stress management - Leigh Jasheway

Take one as needed - 50 capsules of humor for temporary relief of low fat diets, relief of misery - Oscar London

Self Compassion-  Kristen Neff

Winning at human relationships - Elwood Chapman

Life Strategies going what works, doing what matters - Dr. Phil


"The Bully at work-What you an do to stop the hurt and reclaim your dignity on the job." by Gary and Ruth Namie

"Post traumatic Stress Disorder Soucebook- A guide to healing, recovery and growth. by Glenn Schiraldi

"Toxic Coworkers - How to deal with dysfunctional people on the job" - by Alan A. Cavaiola and Neil J. Lavender

The Power of Partnerships EAP Response to Mass Disasters.

Grief in the Workplace

Surviving the Toxic Workplace - Linnda Durre

Attitude your most priceless possession

Facts to relax by.

Keeping well at work- Mary Ann Baynton

Living with Loss

The Daily Relaxer - Matthew Mckay

Kicking your holiday Stress habits

Employee Motivation -What to do when what you say isn't working - Robert Wubbolding

Mindful Manager practical strategies to support workplace success and reduce MH stigma-

When Employees don't do what they're supposed to and what to do about it- F. Fournies

Workplace Wellness issues and Resources- Rick Csiernik

The Addictive Organization - Why we overwork, cover up, - Anne Schaef & Dianne Fassel

Emotional Smarts - June Donaldson

Substance Abuse for the workforce -  A guide to Managing SA problems - David Heller

Blindsided - a managers guide to catastrophic Incidents in the workplace - Bruce Blythe

Emergency response to crisis - Jeffrey Mittchell


"I love a cop-  What Police Families need to know." by Ellen Kirschman

Emotional Survival for Law enforcement - Kevin Gilmarten

Cops don't cry - a self help book - Vali Stone

"Getting together and Staying together - Solving the mystery of Marriage" by Willaim  and Carleen Glasser

"This is out of control - A practical guide to managing life's conflicts" by Kelly Karius

"Toxic People- 10 ways of dealing with people who make your life miserable" - by Lillian Glass

"Take the Bully by the Horns " by Sam Horn

"Difficult Conversations - How to discuss what matters most" by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Heen.

"What about me? A guide for men helping female partners deal with childhood sexual abuse" by Grant Cameron

"Sex is a 13 letter word- a guide to healthier, happier and more loving relationships." by William and Carolyn   Chernekoff

"Waking the Tiger: Healing the Trauma" by Peter A. Levine

People Skills How to assert yourself, listen to others and resolve conflicts. - R Bolton

A time to grieve - Bertha Simos

Messages the communication skills book - Patrick Fanning

CHILDREN'S Resource Material "

"Mad isn't bad - A child book about anger"

Bye bye Bully a kids guide for dealing with Bullies -  J.S. Jackson

Kids have stress too

The struggle to Juggle stress management strategies for you and your family

What to do with a child like this - L. Tobin

Stress relief for Kids- Taming your Dragons - Martha Belkmap

The ABC's of Anger  - Ray Ali


"The Change before the Change- Everything you need to know to stay healthy the decade before Menopause. "  by Laura E. Corio MD

 "Working through it - Stories of well-being at work, off work and returning to work."

Mental Health First Aid Manual

Adrenal Fatigue  - James Wilson

Body Confidence from the inside out - Penny Plautz

With the STROKE of a Pen- Claim your life - Jane Blaufus

The 12 steps of overeaters anonymous

Overcoming overeating - Jane Hirschmann

Asleep in the fast lane- Lydia Dotto 

The dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage - 

For smokers who don't want to quit- one step at a time

How to survive the loss of a loved one - Melba Colgrove

Developing a recovery and wellness lifestyle - a self help guide

Came to Believe -  AA

5 htp the serotonin connection - Othniel Seiden

Living somewhere between Estrogen and Death - Barbara Johnson

DVD Videos

"When helping hurts: Sustaining trauma workers." 


Anger Strategies: Practical Tools for Professionals Treating Anger - Claudia Black

Anger - Sr. Weisiinger's 

The Conflict Management Skills Workbook - Ester Leutenberg & John Liptak

The Positive Attitude Development Workbook - Lyle Wildes

Creating a healthy Balanced Life   Sandra Negley & Ester Leutenberg

The Thinking Persons stress management workbook 

The Practical Life Skills Workbook 

The Building Resiliency Workbook

Coping with Anxiety Workbook

Coping with Chaos

Substance Abuse & Recovery Workbook

The Communication Skills Workbook

Breaking Up is hard to do support for partners ending a committed relationship

Suicide Intervention Workbook

Coping with difficult People workbook

Anger management for substance abuse and Mental health clients


Ending Addiction For good - Richard Taite and Constance Scharff

Gambling   "21 steps to stop gambling workbook" by Shawn and Drewurt

Action planning for prevention and recovery a self help guide.

 Getting them sober - you can help - Toby Drews

Alcoholism from recognition to recovery - Arthur Herscovitch


"Resolve workplace conflicts" by Wallace Wilkins. VHS  Also availabe for "Sucess Stategies for Living and working"

"Sleep Matters - A Value options prescription for Better Sleep"

" Making the most of midlife" by John Maynard PHD. 



To borrow any material contact the EFAP office at  306 975-3327.